Letterpress FAQ's

How do I submit my file? 

  • Good quality PDF or Illustrator file
  • Fully outlined fonts
  • 100% black and white 
  • Provide with trim marks 
  • Lines and strokes no thinner than 0.3pt 

What colours can I use? 

We can match inks to any pantone colours. However if it is a pantone we don't have on the shelf an extra cost will occur

What paper can I use? 

The thickest we have used is 1010gsm but we would recommend around 350gsm-700gsm depending on what we are printing. You can also provide your own paper but we do have a great relationship with some of the best paper suppliers around. 

Can you print lighter inks on dark paper? 

We do recommend that if you want this process to go for a foil rather than letterpress (ink) especially with a white ink on a dark paper as the light colour won't print lighter than the actual paper colour. In fact it can have a blueish tinge 

Some lighter colours can look great on darker stocks but as most light colours aren't opaque the darker the paper the more transparent it seems. Therefore it may not be the outcome you were after. Foiling can combat this problem but is more expensive.