Tools of the trade- Letterpress/foiling

Here at Lost Heritage we are lucky enough to house 3 original Heidelbergs in our East Manchester former hat factory workshop. 

Capable of multicolour work, die-cutting and hot foil blocking these simple yet powerful presses had the nickname ‘windmill’ due to their paper feed system using two rotating arms. Maximum speed of 5,000 impressions per hour had these presses producing stationery and leaflets for over fifty years. Nowadays we are using ours constantly and still the print is exquisite.

Used primarily for letterpress and foiling we also occasionally use then for a spot of diecutting. 

Above: A few tools we use for in-house setup of printing blocks


Above: Golden inky goodness
Above: Golden Ink on one of our heidelberg windmills getting ready to letterpress print using a photopolymer plate
Above: Magnesium plates, paper and gold foil roll
Above: Impressions made by the printing plate onto the foil 
Above: This gorgeous rainbow of GF Smith Colorplan papers sat on the windmill ready for the grippers to grab!  
Above: More foil impressions- this time with a groovy edge..... 
Above: Close up of magnesium printing plate we use for foiling. 

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