Love is in the..... Post!

We all know that when you get married the eye is in the details and that also applies to wedding stationery. 

Couples are happy to go above and beyond to make their special day perfect and of course everyone pays attentions to all the small details. 

Below are a list of popular romantic places where you can get your wedding invitations mailed from and add a romantic postmark: 


Bridal Veil, Portland, Oregon. 

Perhaps one of the most romantic and popular places, where soon to be newlyweds can mail their invitations from. Bridal Veil is a small ghost town about 30 mins from Portland, Oregon, USA. It house a small but very busy Post Office which is still alive and operating due to its sort after postmark. Couples can choose from 2 different postmarks- interlocking hearts or interlocking doves. 

 It may be the 3rd smallest Post Office in America, at only 110 sq ft with no running water but it sends out nearly 200,000 pieces of bridal mail every year and this is all hand-stamped by the postmaster who is also a former wedding planner. The post office works 6 days a week with 95% of all business being wedding related and coming from places as far as South Korea and Australia. 


Romance, Arkansas

With a name like Romance it would be crazy not to use this post office for wedding related stationery.

In 1990 the Romance PO was the first to sell the "Love Stamp" whose design includes bluebirds and a heart in the design. The stamp which reads "Love from Romance AR72136 is known worldwide- in fact they get requests from places as far as China and Japan!

Romance, AR pictorial postmark and Love Forever stamp

Many couples mail wedding invitations from here and then pose for photographs outside the building and the venue has even been used for an actual wedding location. Oh the Romance! 

The record number for stamping for the day is 5,000! However a Romance PO employee believes the special touch and extra effort are all worth it. 

Other places bearing charming and whimsical postmarks include: 

Bliss- NY 

Loveland- The Rockies- Colorado

If you are interested in using a special postmark cancellation, you should send all of your addressed and stamped wedding invitations in a separate, stamped envelope to the Postmaster in the city of your choice.

Include a note asking for the special cancellation. The postal worker will open the envelope containing your pre-addressed and stamped card, remove your greeting card, cancel the stamp on the wedding invitations you sent, and send them on their way. Other than the postage, this service is free. Please double check that this service is offered before sending any of your wedding stationery!! 

Closer to home and well worth a visit the following places all can add a little romance to your invitations: 

Lover- Wiltshire

Hearts Delight- Kent

Lovesome Hill- N. Yorkshire 

Isle of Ewe (say it out loud...) 

Do you know any other romantic places that would be ideal for sending wedding invitations from. Leave your ideas in our comment box below...

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