We are pleased to announce we now offer bookbinding as one of the many finishing services we offer here at Lost Heritage

Everything from perfect bound books to singer sewn binding, we can help complete your project from one off notebooks to large run book prints. 

We love to help customers complete beautiful and unique books and we are happy to offer advice to allow you to get the most out of your project however large or small. 

Below is a little explanation of some of the processes we now provide: 

Singer sewn binding: Ideal for more creative and quirky projects. A style of binding that uses no staples or adhesive- simply just thread. A single line of cotton in a large range of colour is stitched down the edge of collated pages or through the centre of folded pages. 

Example of Singer sewn binding above (Lost Heritage) 


Wiro binding: This is a popular commerical bookbinding method. Pages are gathered together punching holes along the sides and holding them together with coated metal wires



Perfect Bound books: This type of binding is generally used for soft cover and paper- back books. Its definition is when a layer of adhesive holds the pages and the covers together

Example of perfect bound book above (Lost Heritage) 


Saddle stitching: This is a method of binding is when a stitch of thread or a wire staple is passed through the folds of paper gathered together. Popular for items such as notebooks, comic books, zines, pamphlets magazines and brochures. 


Case binding: A process of book binding in which the book is fastened to a case. One of the most popular forms of bookbinding but also usually one of the more expensive processes. Strong and durable they are made of grey board and covered with printed and laminated paper. They can also be covered with material such as PVC coated paper, book cloth, leather cloth or real leather.


Exposed style screw binding: Screw post bindings are bound to impress. They are an attractive alternative to your standard bindings and are effective if you're looking for a way to easily change and update your contents. We offer the exposed style which is a binding that uses to hold the pages inbetween 2 covering boards  


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